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Jakšić Gallery is a space where members of the Jakšić family exhibit their works of art, jewelry, and authentic Dalmatian souvenirs made of Brač stone. In the gallery you can see jewelry made of hand-processed silver and semi-precious stones by designer Ida Stipčić Jakšić. The stone sculptures are the work of the academic sculptor Lovro Jakšić, while the paintings and stone sculptures are the work of Doctor of Arts Dina Jakšić Pavasović. The gallery also houses designer stone works by Dražen Jakšić and his stonemason’s workshops.

Dina Jakšić Pavasović

Pictures, Sculptures

Exciting coloristic constellations are equally determined by intuitive thinking and experience, as a reflection of the painter’s rich knowledge of international and Croatian history of painting and other media, and local, Brač tradition …
Barbara Vujanović, art historian

Lovre Jakšić


… Lovro’s sculptures simply entice the touch and immediate discovery of the dynamic melting of different surfaces, and the relationship of fullness and emptiness that alternate on them.

Barbara Vujanović, art historian

Ida Stipčić Jakšić


Idin’s jewelry is recognizably imposing. With the emphasized dimensions, the designer releases the uniqueness of the material that becomes a guiding thread when designing an individual object.

Barbara Vujanović, art historian

There are two Jaksic galleries; the first was built in 2008 in the yard of the family house in Donji Humac on the island of Brač, while the Split gallery was opened in 2014 in the business premises of the monastery of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vinka. The entire gallery portfolio is different, which only adds to each gallery’s uniqueness.


Gallery Brač

Donji Humac 75, 21423, Nerezisca

Gallery Split

Bribirska ul. 10, 21000, Split


We bring you the latest news related to the Jakšić Gallery, as well as the work of designer Ida Stipčić Jakšić, sculptor Lovro Jakšić, painter Dina Jakšić Pavasović, and designer’s stone artwork from the stonemason’s workshop Dražen Jakšić.