About the gallery

Jakšić Gallery is an important place for all modern art lovers. It is located in two places, Donji Humac on the island of Brač and in Split. In the gallery, you can see completely handmade unique jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones by designer Ida Stipčić Jakšić. The stone sculptures are the work of the academic sculptor Lovre Jakšić, while the paintings and stone sculptures are the work of dr.art. Dina Jakšić Pavasović and many other interesting stone objects. The Jakšić Gallery combines modern and traditional, using a combination of classic and handmade processing with the latest technology, daily reviving the natural material that has nourished not only this family, but also many other Brač families. The Jakšićs have perfected their unquestionable natural talent through art education and are creating new works day by day, pushing their own boundaries.

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Jakšić Galerija Brač

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Address: Donji Humac 75, 21423, Nerezisca

Jakšić Gallery Split

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